Posted by on February 13, 2020

Forex discounts are the regular deals offered on the website to new customers or existing and registered customers. These discounts aren’t your obligation to pay or do anything specific. Your only responsibility is to officially register on the website. On the other hand, you need certain deposit in your account for some discount requirements. All forex discounts have forex pros and cons. But let’s look at various types of discounts, you will easily figure out what a discount is, how to deal with and how to get the best forex brokers discount.

All types of forex discount

Discount for forex deposit

As you might guess, the discount on foreign exchange deposits is a discount that is closely related to the deposit you deposit. Generally, such discounts apply to all customers. The website only need for a deposit for either first or second time. Obviously, if you don’t register on the platform, you will not be able to request a discount. Please note that  the discount on the Forex deposit is generally as percentage.  Here are example examples of a special promotion of this kind on a platform for exchanging foreign currencies. Imagine that you deposit $100 and will get 50% for deposit discount . You will not have $100, but $150 for trading on your account if you make the transfer with a payment method which is available.

No discount for forex deposit

Just like previous types of discounts, the no deposit discount for foreign exchange is also related to the amount of your deposit. However, the problem here is that the broker does not require you to deposit or gamble your money, yet has a choice for website trading. In short, the website offers you rewards for your first transaction. No deposit discount is known as the best forex brokers discount ever.

This is completely logical because you don’t need to risk or invest in anything, but still trading or even winning. If you lose with a no deposit discount, you will not actually lose anything, and you will not owe the broker anything. On the other hand, if you win, you will get a return without paying the broker the funds provided for trading.

Forex welcome discount

Just like there is no deposit discount, only welcome foreign exchange discounts are offered to new customers.So if you’re a regular old broker client, these discounts won’t be available but you can still use the option of deposit discount. In this way new clients are attracted by giving them the ability to track the broker without risk. but rather by attracting new clients by offering a specific amount. On the other hand, welcome discounts can be either free deposit discounts or regular deposit discounts. It usually depends on foreign exchange brokerage policies.

Regular customer discounts and Unique VIP discount

Conversely, if you’re a regular client and a regular trader of a trading website, it definitely will offer some special plans for loyal customers. You have to remain on the platform for a while and then demand this discount. The main reason for this discount is your feedback on the website. On the other hand, VIP discounts are different. It needs you to set up the VIP account to get this discount. If you log in with a normal, micro, or other account that is different from a VIP account, you won’t get VIP discounts. Remember that discounts for VIP account are often very profitable and also the best forex brokers discount, therefore when opening an account on trading website, consider whether using VIP promotions whether it possible.


It is not easy to choose the best forex discount to fit all traders. This is because every trader needs different rewards. If you are new market traders, you might go with welcome deposit discount. When you get more experience, you might consider the regular or even VIP discount. Next, learn about the best leverage for forex.